The EFF has called for the immediate quarantine of all coronavirus infected persons.

In a statement, the EFF’s Delisile Ngwenya says: “It is ironic that over 130 South Africans from Wuhan who have been confirmed not to be infected will be under forced, state quarantine. Yet, people who are infected are allowed to ‘self-quarantine’. This shows the inconsistency and absolute incompetence South African government policy on the spread of the virus.”

On Saturday morning, a group of South Africans who were repatriated from Wuhan, China arrived home at the Polokwane International Airport on a special SAA flight.

The EFF called for the immediate quarantine of all who are infected; preferably in Robben Island.

“It is clear that South Africa does not have a special Coronavirus facility to commit the infected persons to. Robben Island or a special facility must be immediately identified and prepared for medical care of all persons infected with Coronavirus,” said Ngwenya. “The risk does not come from the 130 South Africans from China, it comes from infected persons allowed by the authorities to self-quarantine,” she said. Ngwenya insists: “It is irresponsible and utterly dangerous for the government to allow unmonitored self-quarantine.”

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