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Friday, 8 February, 2019

The  EFF has  received media  enquiries regarding  an assassination threat  on the life of the CIC,  Julius  Malema which  had been planned  to be executed during  the 2019 State of the  Nation  Address yesterday.

The  security  threat implicates  elite members of the  police, who are in collaboration  with right wing  groups  to take  the life of  the CIC, in an  attempt to undermine  the advances on the expropriation  of land without  compensation discourse,  that will soon be law.

We  are told  that the Parliamentary  Security Service, a.k.a “white  shirts”, have been infiltrated by  these  groups and  targeted the  occasion of the  SONA to execute the  assassination. The hope  was that  the EFF caucus  would be kicked out  of the house ,using the  parliamentary security  (white Shirts).  The anticipated evil  acts would then be carried  out during this moment of  chaos.  The EFF  can confirm  this and any  further inquiries  regarding this threat  must be directed  to the SAPS  and the minister  of police.

Accordingly,  when the CIC,  Malema, and the  EFF leadership were  unreasonably stopped by   these  white shirts  in parliament,  after the house  had been adjourned,  we all thought this was   the  moment  and reacted  with the necessary  self-­defence. The event  of a white security man  in  black  and white,  being pushed  and clapped in  the face, followed  him violently pulling  the CIC  Malema,  from passing  through the corridor  doors of the National  Assembly.

We  must  put it  on record  that according  to the Powers, Privileges,  and Immunities of Members  of Parliament  Act, Section 7  (c), no one is allowed  to obstruct MPs in the precinct  of parliament  from going anywhere  to do their work. It  is illegal and those who  do security in the precinct  should be  well aware of  these provisions.

The  EFF is,  nonetheless,  not moved or  intimidated by these  reports of a security  threat. The basis  for not  turning SONA  into a Question  and Answer session,  as communicated in our   January  press conference,  is because President  Cyril Ramaphosa complied  with our

demands.  We had said  he must come clean  in the BOSASA money that  he has received;; and communicate  this in an open  media platform. He  not only did so at  the ENCA, he also

released  his statement  to the Public Protector  regarding the matter. This  proves him as a man who  does not  think of himself  as above the law,  because all of us must  be accountable and never  take parliament  for granted.

Economic Freedom Fighters held a Special Meeting of the Central Command Team

18, September, 2013

Economic Freedom Fighters held a Special Meeting of the Central Command Team in which a special focused agenda was discussed relating to, amongst other things; Strategic Planning, IEC Registration, National Elections, and the EFF Official Launch. The meeting was held at the Easy Hotel in Braamfontein Johannesburg on the 11th of September, 2013; the eve of the anniversary of the death of Steve Biko. Coming out of this meeting, the following have come out as the central issues for broader communication to the public and fighters in general;

Official Launch of the EFF in Marikana

The Central Command Team welcomed the Independent Electoral Commission’s decision to register the EFF as a political party despite the objections by the right wing Afrikaner organisations. This served as yet another reminder of what the revolutionary program of the movement represents to the establishment, particularly amongst those who speak on behalf of the interests of the white monopoly capital. Following the postponement of the launch in light of awaiting the IEC process of registration to complete, the EFF has resolved to officially launch the movement of the people under the following details:

Date: 13 October, 2013

Venue: Marikana, North West Province

The decision to launch in Marikana was upheld as it had originally been the idea. The CCT reaffirmed Marikana as a significant venue to officially launch the movement specifically due to its symbolic importance. Marikana represents the collapse of the 1994 social pact, particularly in its failure to restore dignity to the black and African majority following centuries of slavery, colonisation and apartheid. The fall of the 34 black workers who were brutally gunned down by the ZANC regime speaks volumes to the urgent need to radically continue the struggle for economic freedom in our lifetime. The EFF identifies with these fallen heroes, and goes to Marikana to pick up the blood red spears from the valley of the Coppie to continue the struggle.

All EFF structures, particularly those close to the North West Province are encouraged to mobilise towards the launch and make the necessary arrangements to make sure people come to the historic launch of the EFF. Convenors and Coordinators of regions must therefore be in contact with their provincial leadership to develop programs that will ensure the road to Marikana is smooth and becomes a historic success.

Strategic Planning Meeting

The CCT resolved to set aside three days into strategic planning and political education. The strategic planning will specifically speak to the development of the communications policy, elections manifesto and campaign strategy, as well as fundraising. Critical to this meeting will be a politics and economics education program that seeks to deepen the CCT’s revolutionary practice and consciousness, as Lenin said “there is no revolutionary practice, without revolutionary theory”. This education program will workshop amongst other things; Essentials of Political Economy (Marxist Economics), Governance, and the revolutionary theory of decolonisation founded in the combination of Marx, Lenin and Fanon writings. The meeting will also take a comprehensive report of the state of membership and structures of the EFF from all provinces. The strategic planning meeting will happen under the following;

Date: 4, 5, 6 October, 2013

Venue: TBA

Appointments, Deployments and Reshufflings 

The CCT also welcomed new members into its ranks. These are commissars;


It also released fighter Gcobani Nozongana rom his duties as coordinator of the Western Cape. The CCT received reports on the conduct of the fighter, which had culminated in him making public assertions that brought the province and organisation into disrepute. The CCT reiterates that in its ranks are only fighters, commissars and leaders with the revolutionary marks of pursuing the program of economic freedom. There are no ‘baby sitters’! The EFF dispels all notions suggesting there to be any ageism in its leadership and reaffirms its absolute faith in the commandership of fighter Julius Sello Malema.

Most importantly, the CCT has noted, following illustrious reports from the PCT members, how fighter Gcobani Nozongana as thus far not performed his duties in the position of coordinator with the necessary patience, humility and emotional intelligence that working with people requires. Although a passionate fighter himself he has failed to move with the people, and thus the CCT saw it necessary to move him and allocate these duties to another fighter who will be announced in due course. The activities of the Western Cape continue as before and fighters are encouraged to support the PCT till the position of coordinator is filled, which will happen with speed.

The CCT has also resolved to appoint fighter Godrick*** as the National Elections Coordinator for 2014 National General Elections. The commissar will be supported by a team of coordinators from all the 9 provinces who will work on an elections campaign strategy that will be presented and adopted at the Strategic Planning meeting as communicated above.

Finally, by the 20th of September, 2014 CCT members will receive deployments from the National Coordinator to attend to different provinces right to the ground, so as to reinforce and intensify the work of establishing EFF structures. In the same spirit, the CCT also resolved that the Commander in Chief will be launching at least five branches of the EFF before the official Launch in Marikana in different communities.

The Central Command Team is confident that the EFF is indeed growing and that its growth is sustained by the selfless sacrifices of ordinary fighters on the ground, who have been working tirelessly to raise the flag of economic freedom. Red berets are increasingly defining the symbolic battle ground of ideas in different communities, also becoming the sign of open defiance of the ZANC criminal regime. Fighters, like many revolutionaries that we draw inspiration from, are also facing exclusion, torture and targets of all kinds of covert missions of those who want to defend the status quo. The CCT urges all fighters to be strong, act as much as possible with retrain, but stand their revolutionary ground with resilience.

As we paint South Africa red, and mobilise towards the historic official launch our movement in Marikana, we must walk and work our revolution with patience and pride, knowing that one day, economic freedom and justice will reign in our land.

Long Live the EFF, Long Live!


Issued by the EFF Central Command Team

Contact: Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (National Spokesperson)

Cell: 073 133 3012


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Economic Freedom Fighters note the suspension and political persecution of Zwelinzima Vavi

15 August 2013

Economic Freedom Fighters note the suspension and political persecution of Zwelinzima Vavi, the General Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and SADTU President Thobile Ntola. The suspension of Zwelinzima Vavi and SADTU President Thobile Ntola does not come as a shock to EFF because in the Clarion Call we made on the 11th of June 2013 to announce the beginning of Economic Freedom Fighters, we said “COSATU will soon be swallowed into same politics of reforms, and all those who push for a radical agenda will be isolated, banished and portrayed as anti-ANC. The dominant ANC/SACP faction in COSATU will rid it of independent progressive leaders”.

In the clarion call, EFF further said, “independent trade unions, like AMCU, will continue to emerge and grow bigger because COSATU Unions will gradually fail to represent workers”. EFF made these observations because we know that the neo-liberal, reactionary, corrupt, and directionless faction that currently run politics in the Zuma African National Congress and South African Government is hellbent on extinguishing all Left forces and threats to big Capital. The suspension of Vavi and Ntola is therefore part of the purge of consistent Left forces that have since admitted the massive blunder committed through the election of Mr. Jacob Zuma as President of the country.

SADTU President Thobile Ntola and COSATU General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi represent militant and radical fighting spirit of the working class that stood firm against the neo-liberal National Development Plan, eTolls, Labour Brokers, corruption, and pure mediocrity in the South African government. These are leaders who are honest and admitted to the blunders that the working class was led into in 2007. These are leaders who refused to be co-opted by the corrupt elements in the State and are now the Nomenklatura that justifies State corruption and looting of State resources. These are worker leaders who enjoy massive support on the ground and are victims of Palace coup de tat aimed at marginalizing the Left agenda in South Africa.

EFF believe that the remaining Left forces within COSATU will now begin to realise that after Ntola and Vavi, they are next to be purged. The remaining progressive Left Unions in COSATU will soon be riddled with divisions and infighting aimed at eliminating the progressive forces. The Left in COSATU should soon realise that they will be forced to continue tying the working class, particularly organised workers to their oppressors, who are politically embodied in the ZANC. COSATU will again in 2014 be forced towards supporting and funding ZANC elections, which entails supporting and funding the National Development Plan, eTolls, Labour Brokers and continuation of capitalist repression.

The Left forces in COSATU should begin to appreciate that the working class in South Africa does not need the ANC to pursue a revolution that will economically emancipation the black majority and Africans in particular. The Left forces should begin to realise and appreciate that beyond 100 years, the former Liberation Movement has become slower, forgetful, reactionary and decidedly conservative. The former Liberation is not committed to the discontinuation of private ownership of Mines, Banks, and Monopoly Industries because most of their leaders are subjectively and individually benefitting at the expense of the working class.

EFF message to these leaders is that they should never be silenced by Palace politics. They should in their own chosen platforms continue to fight for the economic emancipation of the black majority and Africans in particular. EFF will at all times, associate with leaders and progressive forces that fight for economic freedom and progressive agenda, despite of their current political homes. Fight on Comrades! Victory is Certain!




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Economic Freedom Fighters encourages all those who are paying their membership directly in the bank to do so at the FNB ATM, as opposed to inside the bank. This is because when you deposit your membership fee inside the bank the greedy financial capitalists take R8 of the R10 membership fee. However, depositing it at the ATM is much more reduced.

Fighters across the country must guard at all times against being taken advantage of by any system. The membership fee must, as much as possible, contribute to the sustenance of the organisation we all love.

Issues by the Economic Freedom Fighters

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (National Spokesperson)


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30 July 2013

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) call upon the revolutionary people of Zimbabwe to defend the Zimbabwean revolution by voting for Zanu-PF and retaining comrade Robert Mugabe as the president of that liberated nation. EFF make the call on behalf of millions of landless, jobless, hopeless, unemployed, poverty stricken and dejected people of South Africa who experience these crises amidst so much mineral and natural resources wealth in South Africa. The gains of the Zimbabwean revolution must be defended. These gains find concrete expression in the historic and unprecedented land redistribution  programme that took land from 4000 white settler farmers who owed  80% of Zimbabwean land, and redistributed it to  more than 274 000  Zimbabweans!   It’s your victory defend it by any means necessary!

This brave and courageous move by the people of Zimbabwe under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe and guidance of Zanu-PF has come at a cost. EFF salutes the resilience and vigilance of the people of Zimbabwe, who endured and survived a brutal and illegal economic sanctions and sabotage by the West as punishment for returning the stolen land to its rightful owners. The people of Zimbabwe have been punished as s strategy to separate the people from the revolutionary leadership of Zanu-PF and leadership of President Mugabe. We say don’t allow the schemes of the enemies of Africa to succeed. Vote for liberation! Vote Zanu-PF! We implore the people Zimbabwe to realise that the Zimbabwean revolution is still under massive attacks and new plots are being hatched and new schemes cooked to reverse the gains you have made. The demonisation of Zanu-PF and comrade Mugabe is part of the plot to divide the nation for re-colonisation. We say you have already suffered enough for your liberation now defend and deepen it. Only Zanu-PF has demonstrated beyond doubt that is has the foresight, courage and never-die spirit as warriors for African dignity. We warn the people of Zimbabwe not to hand over your country to the stooges of the West in the form of Morgan  Tsvangarai and his MDC-T.

Zimbabwe has its land back. We in South Africa draw courage and inspiration from your achievements. In South Africa we remain landless, poor and under attack from racism every single day of our existence. Our freedom is empty words. We note with joy the indigenisation programme which now extends decolonisation of the economy through ownership of the economy by Zimbabweans.  This programme is a threat to colonial and western interests who have benefited from Zimbabwean wealth whilst the people suffer. We call on the Zimbabwean people to defend, deepen and fast track the indigenisation programme to complete this second and most difficult phase of your glorious revolution. You know who your true leaders are! You know which party can and has stood against Western arrogance and has emerged victorious.

You must remember the movement that was ready to bleed to realise your freedom!

EFF wish Zanu-PF and comrade Robert Mugabe a well deserved victory in the coming election. The completion of the long and difficult struggle to economic freedom in Zimbabwe is dependent on the victory of Zanu-PF in the coming election.  We plead with the people of Zimbabwe to be have strength and courage, your long suffering caused by the enemies of liberation is almost over, for we know tomorrow will be better than today. Vote wise; vote Zanu-PF and President Robert Mugabe!




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