Economic Freedom
in our Lifetime

Shaping a future where opportunities are boundless and prosperity is a shared legacy.

Celebrating 10th
Anniversary of EFF

EFF's 10th anniversary marks a decade-long journey towards economic justice and empowerment.

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Bold Policies for Equit

Explore our unwavering commitment to bold and progressive policies, including land expropriation and nationalization, strategically crafted for historical injustices to economic equity.

Empowering the Marginalized

Explore how Economic Freedom Fighter advocates for the empowerment of marginalized communities through initiatives like free education and healthcare for equal access to all.

Driving Economic Transformation

Learn about our vision for economic transformation, where key industries are nationalized to promote fair distribution of resources and reduce economic and social disparities.

Championing Social Justice

Join us in the pursuit of social justice as we work towards creating a future where wealth is redistributed, and every citizen has a fair chance to thrive for equitable society.

Welcome to the
Economic Freedom Fighter Leader for Youth Generation

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a radical and militant economic emancipation movement, formed in the year 2013 with the aim of bringing together revolutionary, militant activists, community-based organizations as well as lobby groups under the umbrella of the political party pursuing the struggle of economic emancipation

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Become an
EFF Member

Participate in shaping EFF's vision for economic freedom.

EFF Book Club

Engage in intellectual discourse aligned with EFF.

EFF Provincial
Command Team

Involve in local activism, addressing concerns.

News Letters

Access newsletters for policy updates and party activities.

Labour Desk

Seek help and advocacy on labor issues for worker empowerment.

Online Store

Support the party and display affiliation with the merchandise.

Media Statements

Stay informed on issues through official party statements.

Essay Competition

Contribute ideas through essay competitions and discourse.


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Live Streaming - Tshela Thupa Rally at Peter Mokaba Stadium

EFF Leadership

Julius Sello Malema

President & Commander In Chief

Floyd Nyiko Shivambu

Deputy President

Marshall Mzingisi Dlamini

Secretary General

Poppy Mailola

Deputy Secretary General

Zovuyo Veronica Mente

National Chairperson

Omphile Maotwe

Treasurer General

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